Those are the most asked questions about #LongDistanceFullService, #StateToStateTransportOnly and #PackingServices in Chicago from our clients, every time they start a moving project with us.

In case you cannot find your answers here feel free to contact us and we be more than happy to clear all your questions about moving services and provide valuable tips and suggestions.

All of our shipments remain on the same truck and will not be reloaded at any point.

You will be provided with a dedicated move supervisor who will be assisting you with loading, live updates from the road and unloading at the new location.

As long as all the items fit on the truck and no special handling is needed, your price will remain the same as agreed during booking.

We offer direct deliveries unless you would like to delay it.
Feel free to discuss your schedule with our representative and we will
make sure that your needs are met.

No. We are using 18-20 ft trucks only, which are allowed and able to access any location.

No, DMD Moving does not consolidate shipments. We offer exclusive use of the truck for each customer.

Yes, DMD Moving guarantees your pick up and also delivery dates


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